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How mayday training saved 1 firefighter's life

By Robert Rielage

Fire Rescue

“Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”

Three words that will spike your heartbeat whether you are an incident commander, company officer, RIT officer, firefighter or the firefighter in trouble. Such was the…


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Eagle Scout Project 9/11 memorial

I am reaching out on behalf of  my son Sam has begun to fundraise for his Eagle Scout project. here is his letter he wrote and we also havea letter from the fire chief  if anyone can help him in anyway it would be gratefully appreciated. you can send me your e mail and I can forward you the 2 letters that you can read and pass…

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Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company Awarded $4,494 Grant To Preserve Newspaper Collections

SEASIDE HEIGHTS - The NJ Historical Commission has awarded the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company Museum a mini-grant in the amount of $4,494 for a newspaper microfilming and digitization project.

“The Fire Company is pleased and honored that the NJ Historical Commission recognized the value of our application, especially because 2013 is our 100th Anniversary celebration,” said Fire Company President, Anthony E. Vaz, who also serves on the Seaside Heights Borough Council. “It is…


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Looking for a Rescue Boat?

 Our dept. Is looking to purchase a boat for flood, pond & reservoir rescue. I would like some input on what area departments are using and why. Inflatable/Aluminum? Motor/no motor?, trailer/no trailer? With pros & cons. Thank you so much. Be safe!

Added by Jeff Wanamaker on May 20, 2013 at 7:48pm — 2 Comments

A Movement to “Hook Up the Hose” & Beat Cancer

Ryan Pennington of, a contributing editor to, and Kerry Falzone of Plymovent Corp. have joined forces to create a campaign focused on the importance of hooking up an exhaust extraction hose in emergency service stations. “Every minute firefighter's and EMS are risking their lives to save ours, we need to stress the importance of protecting them in their stations” says Pennington.

Join the movement by posting pictures, regardless of the…


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Red Flag Warnings and Extreme Fire Danger

By Paul Krogman

When weather conditions become dry and windy, accompanied by low humidity and dry vegetation, areas that have a high potential for wildfires will be placed under a Red Flag Warning. The term “red flag” is used by fire and weather forecasters to bring attention to these…


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Cold Weather Can Create Many Obstacles for Crews Fighting Fires

by Paul Krogman

While winter fires can present unique challenges for fire fighters, the men and women who battle these blazes are well prepared to handle whatever winter conditions may exist.…


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Ice Rescue Gear Saves Lives

By Paul Krogman - Safety2Go

When the temperature drops firefighters and emergency rescue personnel are faced with the daunting task of performing ice rescues. In many parts of the country temperatures can remain below freezing for extended periods of time. Rivers and streams become glazed over with glassy sheets of ice making for hazardous rescue operations.

The Fire Department…


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Driver training: Building safe apparatus drivers

Driving a fire truck is one of the most important tasks, making doing it safely and effectively all the more critical

By Robert Avsec

Teaching a firefighter how to safely, effectively, and efficiently drive a piece of fire apparatus is one of the most awesome responsibilities that an instructor can undertake. That challenge becomes greater all the time as fewer firefighters come to the job having had at least some experience driving a large…


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Avoid these 3 behaviors to be a good company officer

By Mark van der Feyst

The fire service has been founded upon and operated as a paramilitary structure. This means that we follow a chain of command that leads up to one person, the fire chief.

This same chain of command also leads down to the bottom, the firefighter or task worker. This serves an important function as it allows for information, questions and assignments to flow smoothly up and down in each direction.

The most important position within the… Continue

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Get the most from your door crew


By Jason Hoevelmann

As we discussed last month, advancing the attack line is paramount if we want to be successful. The faster we can get the water on the fire, the faster conditions will improve and the faster fire's attack on the building will cease.

Although a two-person attack team can make a good knock on the fire, it can be…


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Emergency Workers Could Be Prosecuted Under New Accident Victim Photo Law

By Daniel Nee

Tri-Boro Patch

When Cathy Bates was fatally injured in an automobile accident in 2009, her family was devastated. But it's what happened after the head-on crash on Route 72 in Barnegat that spurred a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Chris Christie.

Bates, a 40-year-old Manchester woman, was killed Oct. 23,…


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5 most common fireground mistakes

Fire service instructor Rich Gasaway outlined at FRI 5 mistakes that lead to injury and death and their solutions

By Rick Markley,FR1 Editor

After studying near-miss injury and line-of-duty death reports, Retired Fire Chief Rich Gasaway identified 10 leading mistakes that contributed to death and injury on the fireground. Before a…


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5 critical changes for new SCBA

From low-air alarms to facepiece integrity, the newest NFPA standard makes some significant changes to SCBA

By Jeffrey O. and Grace G. Stull


SCBA has evolved to greater levels of sophistication and capability over the past several decades. Transitions that increased the level of respiratory…


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Handicap firefighting: Parking a fire apparatus to optimize firer attack

By Mark van der Feyst

Where a fire apparatus is parked plays an important role in how well its crew can operate on the emergency scene. Its positioning usually will dictate what tactics can be used to combat the fire or emergency.

It is the officer's and driver's responsibility to plan ahead with respect to what operations will be needed so that they can park the apparatus in an effective manner. Let's look at some simple points with respect to how ineffective parking…


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FIREGROUND Flash Tip: Blitz Attack!

Chief Wylie discusses the advantages to using deck guns in combination with hand lines as part of an initial fire attack on a structure fire.

FlashoverTV is powered by…


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newark fire

  why is eng 27,id as "27/16"?

Added by Marty Green on May 4, 2012 at 11:23am — No Comments

NJMFPA Annual Bus Trip to NYC

by Chris Denton

On April 22, 2012 the NJMFPA took their annual bus trip to NYC. They visited multiple fire houses and the FDNY shops in Maspeth, Queens. They also visited the 'Rock' - the FDNY training…


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Three tools for firefighter road safety

By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor

Dealing with a motor vehicle collision on moderate to heavily trafficked road is one of the greatest dangers for firefighters. Now, three new interrelated resources are available for keeping firefighters and other emergency personnel safe when operating on a roadway.

Federal statistics…


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Firefighters are 300x more likely to suffer a heart attack at work than any other profession (source: Harvard School of Public Health). Heart attacks are the #1 killer of firefighters. In fact, according to a Harvard University Study, Heart Disease kills more on-duty firefighters than anything else — and it is definitely linked to their emergency duties1. The study states that the most…


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