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Get the most from your door crew


By Jason Hoevelmann

As we discussed last month, advancing the attack line is paramount if we want to be successful. The faster we can get the water on the fire, the faster conditions will improve and the faster fire's attack on the building will cease.

Although a two-person attack team can make a good knock on the fire, it can be…


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Construction Beams: How homes are made today

Today's homes are built with strong, yet cheap building materials which post a danger to firefighters. The video link is a must watch video for firefighters to understand how floors in newer model homes may be built.

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Fire Prevention 2009 - Stay Fire Smart! Don’t Get Burned

Testing the water before putting a child in the bath may sound like common sense. Wearing short or close-fitting sleeves when cooking on the stovetop may show foresight. This and other simple actions may be all it takes to prevent devastating burns.

Fire Prevention Week

From October 4-10, fire and life safety educators across the country will bring important safety messages to their communities, showing them simple ways they can… Continue

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Virginia Technical Rescue Lifts Injured Cyclist

Virginia Pilot

VIRGINIA BEACH - The reeds grow thick under the Pungo Ferry Bridge, and the marsh ground underneath them is soft and soggy from recent rain. Elliott Craddock can be grateful for that.

The 18-year-old cyclist took a tumble off the concrete span Sunday morning, falling what rescuers estimate was 35 to 50 feet to the marsh below. He came out of it with…

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Asbestos Exposure a Concern for Firefighters

Asbestos Exposure a Concern for Firefighters

The life of a firefighter brings many potential threats that can be easy or hard to see. Kids at a very young age realize the profession itself takes a great deal of courage. But the reality of the profession, along with so many things in life, is not always so appetizing. One of the hidden…

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